Application for Membership

The Spine Society of Australia encourages membership from a wide variety of disciplines. At present our membership is made up of the following disciplines: Anatomy, Biomechanical Engineering, Epidemiology, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pathology, Pain Medicine, Physiotherapy, Radiology, and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Requirements for membership:

  1. Demonstration of engagement in clinical practice or research into prevention, management, or treatment of spinal disorders and their related problems.
  2. Written letters of support from three referees, two of whom are active members of the Society and preferably not from the same practice.
  3. Membership of Professional Body [Full or Associate].
  4. An abbreviated Curriculum Vitae.

Types of membership:

  1. Active Membership
    These requirements are fulfilled where the applicant is a Full Member or Fellow of his/her respective Specialist Professional Association or like bodies in Australia or New Zealand. Active membership will be recorded as RACS or non-RACS according to surgical qualifications presented.
  2. Associate Membership
    Where other requirements are fulfilled and the applicant is not a Full Member or Fellow of his/her respective Specialist Professional Association or like body in Australia or New Zealand.All applications for membership are considered by a Membership Committee, subject to approval by the Executive Committee, and thereafter voted upon at the Annual General Meeting of the Spine Society.

Requirements for continued Active or Associate Membership:

A Member must show a sustained interest in spinal disorders and related problems through:

  1. Participation in the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) by attending at least once every three (3) years;
  2. Successfully submitting a scientific paper for presentation at the ASM at least once every five (5) years; or making some other major contribution to the SSA in a five (5) year period [eg: membership of committees].
  3. Maintaining membership of their professional body.
  4. Payment of the annual Spine Society membership fee levied on a yearly basis.

Applicants must submit all application documents two [2] months prior to the up-coming ASM [check meeting dates published on website].

Please note: Failure by referees to submit references may prevent consideration of the application and delay membership, in some cases forcing late submissions to be held over to the following year.

Curriculum Vitae:

Please provide a concise CV [6 page maximum; without attachments]. The Secretary or Chair of the Membership Committee may, at their discretion, contact you for additional information. Your CV should highlight your clinical and/or research interest in spine. Please use the following headings for the CV document:

  • Qualifications: Year awarded & Institution.
  • Clinical, professional, academic and/or research career progressions, listing the three most recent to
  • current appointment.
  • Professional memberships and offices held
  • Recent peer-reviewed spine-related publications.
  • Five (5) most recent spine-related conference presentations.
  • Research funding [last 5 years].
  • Recent spine conference attendances [last 5 years].
  • Outline of spine-related research interests.
  • Outline of spine-related clinical interests.
  • Why you wish to become a member.

A current membership statement from your professional body is required.

Please do not send membership dues. These will be invoiced after acceptance.