SpineWeek 2020

The Spine Society meeting for 2020 is going to be held in conjunction with SpineWeek in Melbourne (27th April to 1st May).  The venue will be the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.  SpineWeek brings together over 20 different Spine Societies, who all run their meetings in the same week at the same venue.

We are honoured that Melbourne has been chosen as the next host city and we hope you all can come.  The concept started with Porto in 2004, followed by Geneva in 2008, Amsterdam in 2012 and Singapore in 2016. There has been a steady growth of participants from one SpineWeek to the next, with a growing number of participating societies and for the first time the Spine Society of Australia will participate.

How does it work?  All societies keep their own identity during SpineWeek. They have their own programme committee, habitual number of sessions including award sessions, presidential and guest speaker addresses, general assembles, society dinners and outings etc. This is possible as we run five concurrent sessions. So, it will be an SSA meeting ‘as usual’, but next to other societies doing the same.  The SSA program will run on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th April.

All delegates pay the same registration fee which gives them access to all sessions during SpineWeek. There are no ‘day passes’ and no special fees per society. There is, however, a member fee (for delegates who are a member of one of the participating societies), a non-member fee and a discounted fee for basic scientists and trainees.

The registration fee covers all scientific sessions, and the welcome reception. Any dinner or outing is charged separately, this for compliance reasons and to avoid waste.

For more information visit the www.spineweek.org website.

We hope to see you there.