Abstract submission centre now closed

Abstract submission centre now closed

The abstract submission centre for the 2008 annual scientific meeting is now closed.

Clinical Research PhD Scholarships University of Queensland

The NHMRC Centre of Clinical Research Excellence in Spinal Pain, Injury and Health (CCRE SPINE), located in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The University of Queensland, is offering 2 PhD scholarships commencing in 2008.

The scholarships will provide an opportunity for candidates with a background in basic or clinical health sciences to undertake doctoral training in spinal research.

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Membership application

Anyone considering making an application to join the Spine Society of Australia needs to be aware that completed applications need to be in the hands of the Secretary of the Society one month prior to the Annual General Meeting on 19 th April 2008.

Experience shows that in order for there to sufficient time to get responses from referees that application forms should be in the hands of the Secretary by mid Febuary 2008.

Further details about membership, including an application form can be found by here.


Call for abstracts

The next annual scientific meeting will be held in Adelaide from Fri 18 th - Sunday 20 th April 2008 at the Hilton Hotel. Submissions for Both Scientific abstracts and for the  Spinal research award are invited.

Submission will be by online submission only. 

Deadline for abstract submission: 1500 hrs Fri 11 Jan 2008

Authors acceptance: 12 Feb 2008

Anyone considering submitting an abstract is encouraged to look at 'How to write a better abstract' by Owen Williamson 

(Editorial Secretary)


Digital Radiology


The SSA has made the attatched submission to the AMA, the RACS and The department of health and ageing. Any members wishing to add anything should contact:


Carol Reid

A/G Director

Diagnostic Imaging Section

Department of Health and Ageing

MDP 107, GPO Box 9848




Also cc Michael Sandow Michael.sandow@adelaide.edu.au

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Digital Radiology


The SSA has made the attatched submission to the AMA, the RACS and The department of health and ageing. Any members wishing to add anything should contact:


Carol Reid

A/G Director

Diagnostic Imaging Section

Department of Health and Ageing

MDP 107, GPO Box 9848




Also cc Michael Sandow Michael.sandow@adelaide.edu.au

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DePuy Travelling Fellowship



DePuy Spine Clinical Fellowship Bursary  

 The DePuy Spine Clinical Fellowship Bursary is designed to encourage and promote the pursuit of dedicated Clinical Spine Fellowship Training. The Bursary funds are aimed to assist the successful applicants with the costs associated with attending an overseas fellow program.

  There are 5 individual Bursaries available for 2009, each valued at $AUD15,000. To be eligible for consideration to be awarded a Bursary, applicants must satisfy the below criteria:



Written confirmation of the applicant’s acceptance to a Spine Fellowship Program (confirmation to be in writing from the Fellowship Hospital’s Department Head or equivalent)
Fellowship must be clinically based
Fellowship program must be predominantly Spine focused (greater than 75%    Spine)
Fellowship Program to be at least 6 months in duration
Fellowship Program must be based outside Australia
Applicants must currently be on an Australian Surgical Training Program    (Orthopaedic or Neurosurgical)
Applications must relate to a Fellowship Program that will commence in the calendar years of 2009 or 2010 only


To apply please provide details that satisfy the above application criteria and send to:

Mr Graeme Brazenor
Secretary – Spine Society of Australia
17 Erin St

(03) 9429 6262

 All 5 Bursaries will be awarded on a first come basis.

 Successful applicants will be notified in writing within 1 month of their application submission.





DePuy Travelling Fellowship


There have been no applications for the DePuy Travelling fellowship.

There is a new closing date for applications of 30 th May 2006.

The grant is available for a young surgeon to travel to visit a centre or attend a prestigous meeting. 

How to write a better abstract

Owen Williamson (Editorial Secretary) shares his thoughts on how to write a better abstract.

If you are thinking of submitting an abstract to the Spine Society (or indeed any other scientific meeting) this may be useful.

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Notice of meeting Asia Pacific SAS

January 16-18, 2008 Seoul, South Korea

Deadline for Abstract Submission: September 30, 2007


The Spine Arthroplasty Society welcomes research contributions, surveys and white papers in all areas relating to the advancement of the science and the clinical experience in the treatment of spinal disorders using but not limited to motion preserving technologies. 


Asia Pacific SAS website


Robert Fraser awarded AM


In the 2007 Queens Birthday honours list, the Spine Society's inaugural President, Professor Robert Fraser was made a <i>Member of the Order of Australia.</i> The citation for the honour reads:


'For service to medicine, particularly in the area of spinal surgery as a clinician, to medical education and research, and through contributions to a range of professional organisations.'


The Society congratulates Professor Fraser on the award of such a prestigious honour.


Final Scientific Program 2007




Session Time Paper Presenter
SS1 1315 Osteogenic properties of bone cells from normal and osteoporotic sheep R Moore
  1330 Transplanted abdominal granulation tissue induced bone formation - an in vivo study in sheep B Goss
  1345 Clinical and radiological outcomes of a stand-alone anterior fusion cage with integrated screw fixation: one year follow-up S Tizzard
  1400 Clinical and radiological outcomes of an anterior lumbar plate for ALIF: pilot study with 2 year follow-up B La Rue
  1415 Posterior lumbar interbody fusion for the treatment of chronic back pain and radiculopathy in the elderly M Scott-Young
nbsp; 1430 Lumbar zygapophyseal joint fusion using a hollow facet fusion implant - a biomechanical study R Labrom
  1445 Clinical results of two-level lumbar arthroplasty versus combined arthroplasty and fusion (hybrid procedure) M Scott-Young
  1500 Non-fusion stabilisation in lumbar degenerative spondylolisthesis R Carey
  1515 Surgical Approaches to isthmic spondylolisthesis E Carragee
Posters 1600 Disc mechanical response to cyclic loading - poroelastic and viscoelastic contributions J Costi
  1605 A novel nuclear replacement device – a comparative study of kinematic behaviour utilising a kangaroo spine model. T Sabet
  1610 Thoracic kyphosis affects spinal loads and trunk muscle force A Briggs
  1615 A biomechanical analysis of anterior corpectomy reconstruction in a thoraco-lumbar calf spine fracture model: does posterior instrumentation confer additional stability? B Goss
  1620 Anterior stabilisation and fusion of unstable lumbar burst fractures E Wong
  1625 A new technique for surgical treatment of osteoporotic fractures of the spine  R Schoenmayr
  1630 Occipital condyle fractures: incidence and clinical and radiological follow-up at a level 1 trauma centre G Malham
  1635 Os odontoideum; report of 3 cases and literature review T Goldschlager
  1640 Dynamic plates in anterior cervical fusion surgery: clinical outcomes and the effect of bone graft settling on cervical alignment A Ghahreman
  1645 A prospective evaluation of two cervical interbody fusion cages M Hansen
  1650 Lumbar zygapophyseal joint fusion – a less morbid and biomechanically superior surgical technique compared with on-lay inter-transverse process fusion  R Labrom
  1655 One-level lumbar arthroplasty – 137 patients with follow-up from 3 months to 9 years. M Scott-Young
  1700 Clinical outcomes following lumbar total disc replacement -  a minimum follow-up of two years.  T Sabet
  1705 Effectiveness of cemented rescue screws for anterior cervical plate fixation  T Pitzen
  1710 The use of fulcrum bending films in anterior thoracic correction of scoliosis D Hay
  1715 The use of physical biomodeling in complex spine surgery O Von Arx
  1720 How to write a better abstract O Williamson
Sat 21 April
SS2 830 Differentiation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells into disc-like cells after co-culture with rat disc explants  A Wei
  845 Needle puncture affects intervertebral disc mechanics and biology in an organ culture model J Costi
  900 Effect of ovarectomy and hormone replacement on the kinematics of the intervertebral disc: an ovine model. R Ho
  915 Can the compressive characteristics of a lumbar disc be restored? S Fisher
  930 Beetham Lecture J O'Brien
Presidential Session      
1000 Presidential Guest Lecture - Management of chronic non-specific low back pain E Carragee
Symposium 1100 Neuropathic Pain M Cousins
  1130 Psychological management of chronic low back pain M Nicholas
  1200 Discussion E Carragee
SS3 1330 Classification systems for low back pain: a review of the methodology for development and validation J Ford
  1345 Evidence for minimally invasive procedures for low back pain P Verrills
  1400 Evidence-based guidelines improve performance measures in orthopaedic outpatients for low back pain N Bogduk
  1415 The effectiveness of evidence-based guidelines in a workers compensation population N Bogduk
Debate 1430 That new technologies produce better outcomes in the treatment of low back pain - affirmative M Scott-Young
  1445 That new technologies produce better outcomes in the treatment of low back pain - negative C Cain
SS4 1530 Computer simulation of microdamage and microfracture in vertebral trabecular bone C Adam
  1545 Are coupled rotations in the lumbar spine largely due to the osseoligamentous anatomy? P Little
  1600 In vitro evaluation of bone cells derived from different skeletal sites to promote spinal fusion: a sheep model R Zarrinkalam
  1615 CT based volumetric reconstruction of the pulmonary system in scoliosis C Adam
  1630 Validation of the sheep as a large animal model for the study of vertebral osteoporosis R Moore
  1645 High flexibility and low stiffness of immature spine: an in vitro biomechanical study in sheep E Clarke
  1700 Sildenafil alleviates cardiovascular deterioration after fat embolism B Goss
  1715 The natural history of age-related disc degeneration: the pathology and sequelae of tears R Moore
  1730 First Business Meeting (SSA members)  
Sun 22 April
  800 Second Business Meeting(SSA members)  
SS5 900 Paediatric cervical trauma – patterns of injury plus efficacy and safety of third generation instrumentation A Kalkarni
  915 Non-operative management of type 2 odontoid fractures in the elderly F Koech
  930 Assessment of the cervical spine clearance process in a major trauma centre H Ackland
  945 The incidence of wound infection after posterior cervical surgery M Barnes
  1000 Spinal Instrumentation in the setting of active spinal osteomyelitis E Carragee
  1015 Lateral bending and flexion motions place disc tissue at greatest risk of injury: direct measurement of disc maximum shear strain in six degrees of freedom J Costi
  1030 An early radiological comparison between structural allograft and an expandable cage in anterior column reconstruction following burst fracture. B Goss
  1045 Improving safety and quality in spine surgery – a new technique for thoracolumbar level localisation using computer assisted image guidance A Nowitzke
SS6 1130 The Outcomes of Scoliosis Surgery in Patients With Syringomyelia H Crawford
  1145 The radiological changes and complications during the first three years following endoscopic scoliosis surgery D Hay
  1200 Biomechanical study of top screw pullout in anterior scoliosis instrumentation A Mayo
  1215 Allogeneic red cell transfusion requirements in scoliosis surgery E Wong
  1230 Presentation of Awards  


Cedars-Sinai spine conference notification

Cedars-Sinai Institute for Spinal Disorders 6th Annual Spine Conference - March 1-3, 2007 - Mandalay Bay Hotel & Resort Convent ion Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Spine Society of Australia 2007 abstract submission

Spine Society of Australia 2007 abstract submission

The abstract submission centre for SSA 2007 is now open.

The closing date for abstract submission is 1700 hrs EST 8th Jan 2007.

Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire

Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire


The Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire is one of the most widely used health status measures for back pain in the world. It is easy to use, and suitable both for research and clinical practice. There is an extensive literature on its validity and reliability. 


It has finally become available on the web, with more than 30 language versions that can be downloaded at 



Professor Martin Roland is the author of this instrument has kindly made this available.


The instrument is in the public domain.


Neuroendoscopy meeting Paris 2007

Neuroendoscopy meeting Paris 2007

The Congress of NEUROENDOSCOPY 2007, will be held in Paris, from the 9th to the 12th of May, 2007

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RACS meeting Honk Kong 2008

RACS meeting Honk Kong 2008

The RACS is having a combined meeting with the Honk Kong College of surgeons in 2008. The RACS has contacted the SSA to see if there is interest in hosting a session please complete the survey.

Please CLICK HERE or use the menu item surveys (under the meetings/surveys menu)to give your view.