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Word document originally created by Graeme Brazenor for membership application form in 2009. Modified 2011 to have generic contact details for AOA

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DVD order email



Re: Conference DVD

Fundamentals in Spine Surgery course. Brisbane 16th April 2008

You are being sent this email as you were registered as a delegate at the above conference. A DVD of the proceedings is now available. The disc contains both the audio and the images of the powerpoint presentations in an easy to navigate format. It is possible to navigate backwards and forwards through each presentation by individual slide. The audio of the discussion is also available.

You can order the DVD online by clicking here. Please select the appropriate DVD and select the drop down box as a registered delegate to obtain a discount.

You are free to order any of the other two DVD's that were recorded at the Spine Society annual scientific meeting on 17th - 19th April 2009.

I hope you find this DVD a useful adjunct to your library.

Peter McCombe



Membership Guidelines and application form


The Spine Society of Australia encourages membership from a wide variety of disciplines. At present our membership is made up of the following disciplines: Anatomy, Biomechanical Engineering, Epidemiology, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pathology, Pain Medicine, Physiotherapy, Radiology, and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Download application form by clicking on the link below.


How to write a better abstract

Owen Williamson (Editorial Secretary) shares his thoughts on how to write a better abstract.

If you are thinking of submitting an abstract to the Spine Society (or indeed any other scientific meeting) this may be useful.

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DePuy fellowship

Details of Depuy Spinal Fellowship



The DePuy Spinal Research Fellowship is to promote research into clinical and basic science relevant to the practice of spinal surgery. The Award is for up to $35,000. Additional earnings are allowed within the conditions of the Award. 

Application for this Fellowship must include a Supervisor who is a member of the Spine Society of Australia.  Preference will be given to clinical research, and to an Orthopaedic or Neurosurgical Fellow or a registered advanced surgical trainees.

Applicants will be required:

• To have shown ability or promise of ability in research.
• To have made suitable arrangements with an established investigator
   under whose supervision the work is to be conducted.
• To show that the proposed topic of research is acceptable to the
   institution concerned.

The Fellowship is for twelve months and is normally tenable only within Australia or New Zealand.The Award is for up to $35,000. Additional earnings are allowed within the conditions of the Award.

The Fellowship is advertised in the July and December issues of the AOA Bulletin and the corresponding Neurosurgical Society of Australasia Newsletters, and the Spine Society of Australia website. See the advertisement for the closing date.

Application forms and conditions of award of the DePuy Spinal Research Fellowship should be sent to:

The Honorary Secretary
Spine Society of Australia

Mr Graeme Brazenor
17 Erin Street,
Victoria  3121 

Phone: (03) 9429 6262
Fax: (03) 9429 6360


History of Spine Society by Rob Fraser


Although the Spine Society of Australia was formerly constituted in 1990, its roots can be traced back to 1970. In that year a Spinal Symposium took place in Ballarat, immediately after the Combined Meeting of the Orthopaedic Associations of the English Speaking World which had been held in Sydney. Chaired by Ronald Beetham, the Symposium had 35 registrants with a prominent international surgical faculty that included Harry Farfan, from Montreal, who three years later became the Founding Chairman of the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine. At the Ballarat meeting the attending Australians decided to form a society named the Facet Club, which first met in 1971 with Alan Dwyer as the Founding Chairman. Subsequently meetings were held each year and these were generally small and informal.

Delegates of spinal symposium in Ballarat Victoria 1970. At that meeting the Australian delegates decided to form the Facet club (which later became the Spine Society of Australia).  

At the 1989 Meeting in Adelaide members voted to change the name of the Facet Club to the “Spine Society of Australia” with the aims of broadening the membership base and encouraging spinal research and education. A steering committee chaired by Robert Fraser prepared a constitution which was subsequently endorsed by the membership during the first ASM in Sydney in 1990. That document stated the objectives of the Society which included:

To form an educational organisation dedicated to the exchange of ideas and dissemination of scientific and clinical knowledge concerning spinal disease and disorder.

To advance the quality of and encourage research into the management of spinal disease and disorder.

To improve the means of communication and support for young men and women involved in the medical and scientific study, investigation and treatment of spinal disease and disorder.

In recognition of his role in helping to establish the Facet Club, Ron Beetham was made a Life Member. Sir George Bedbrook, who had an international reputation for his work on spinal cord injury, was made an Honorary Member. Within two years the Membership (including Corresponding Members) had reached 130, the Society’s unique identity was symbolised by a distinctive logo used on letterhead and Society ties, the Rob Johnston and Spinal Research Awards had been established and abstracts from the Annual Scientific Meetings were published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. Most important of all goodwill and co-operation had been established between various disciplines interested in spinal disorders. 


Best Paper by a Member

Award for best paper by a member - presented at the annual scientific meeting



An award of $2,000 is available for the best paper presented to the annual meeting.

The presentations are judged by a panel of members who are nominated by the President.

The award is announced and presented at the end of the Scientific meeting



The award is fully funded by a donation by Medtronic Sofamor Danek


Membership Page

Membership of the Spine Society of Australia


The Spine Society of Australia encourages membership from a wide variety of disciplines. At present our membership is made up of the following disciplines: Anatomy, Biomechanical Engineering, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Radiology and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Requirements for membership

Demonstration of a major clinical or research interest in the spine.
Written letters of support from three referees, two of whom are active members of the Society.
Supply a suitable Curriculum Vitae.

Types of membership

  • Active Membership
    Where to requirements are fulfilled and the applicant is a Full Member or Fellow of his/her respective Specialist Professional Association or like bodies in Australia or New Zealand.

  • Associate membership
    Where to requirements are fulfilled and the applicant is not a Full Member or Fellow of his/her respective Specialist Professional Association or like bodies in Australia or New Zealand.

All applications for membership are considered by a membership committee and voted upon at the Annual General Meeting of the Spine Society.

Requirements for continued active or associate membership

  • annual scientific meeting is to be attended at least once every three (3) years

  • A scientific paper is presented or accepted for presentation at least once every five (5) years, or that some other major contribution is made to the SSA in a five (5) year period.

An appropriate current membership fee will be levied on a yearly basis.

How to apply for membership

Applications must be submitted electronically, on Spine Society Application Form (application form) to the Secretary (See address under current office bearers). Please note that the form must be signed by the applicant prior to transmission.


Meeting with RACS President meeting Oct 2005

Spine Society of Australia has discussions with RACS

Society President Ian Farey met RACS president Dr Russell Stitz at a meeting in Brisbane on 18/10/2005. Discussions were held about forming closer ties with the College of Surgeons. Dr Stitz agreed that it was appropriate for the Society to write to the College with a request for the College to consider developing an appropriate governance structure for this to occur.
Ian Farey meets RACS president

Ian farey meets RACS president Dr Russell Stitz at the RACS building in Brisbane on 18/10/05 to discuss affiliation with the college.