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AO Fellowships

AOSpine Australia and New Zealand Fellowship – Call for Application Now!


AOSpine is pleased to announce that 2015 AOSpine Australia and New Zealand Fellowship and 2016 AOSpine Australia and New Zealand Fellowship are now open for application.


As the leading global academic community for innovative education, AOSpine invests heavily in various forms of international, regional and national fellowship programs.


AOSpine Fellowship provides the following benefits to fellows:


•Additional experience in surgical techniques for orthopaedic and neurosurgeons interested in spine surgery

•Sponsor Stipend from AOSpine

•Exposure to the professional network of AOSpine Centers

•Additional clinical experience for fellows

•Obtain a fellowship certificate upon the completion of fellowship programme


You can also read more information on the list of spine centers using the following link:


If you would like to apply for AOSpine Fellowship, please email for application form and further information. 


Deadline for 2015 AOSpine Australia and New Zealand Fellowship: 30 June 2015

Deadline for 2016 AOSpine Australia and New Zealand Fellowship: 31 July 2015


Thank you for your interests in AOSpine 


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Links to overseas fellowship programs

List of Fellowships advertised on Canadian Spine Society Website

Fellowship directory published by North American Spine Society

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How to list your fellowship for advertising to potential candidates for training on this website.

The SSA will maintain anonline list of approved fellowships and that will be posted online. At the least the basic details of the fellowship will be displayed. Providers of fellowships are encouraged to submit more information (including images in needed) that can be displayed. Members of the society or designated persons can be provided with login based access to edit their particular fellowship page and keep information up to date.

Accreditation process for fellowship posts

All PFET applications will be forwarded from the AOA offices to the Chair of Spinal Education Committee (which comprises both AOA and SSA executive representatives) for assessment and approval. Turnaround time should not exceed 4 weeks as the applications can be processed by interim review of committee members between formal quarterly meetings of the committee. At least initially the application process will be free of charge.

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Post fellowship education in spine surgery (PFET)

The Spine Society of Australia is committed to the advancement of spinal surgery. In the view of the Society this means that in order to perform complex modern spine surgery that special post fellowship training for either Orthopaedic surgeons or Neurosurgeons is needed. 

The Society recognizes that the disciplines of both Orthopaedic surgery and Neurosurgery bring unique skills to the process of training a spine surgeon.

SSA / AOA Spinal PFET syllabus

Syllabus ratified by RACS PFET(Post Fellowship Education and training) program for spinal surgery.

Auckland Hospital
6 or 12 months
Start month: 



Auckland Hospital offers a Spine Fellowship, for appropriately qualified Orthopaedic Surgeons looking to obtain further sub specialist experience in Adult Spinal Surgery.

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Spine Surgery Education

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Royal Brisbane Hospital
12 Months
Start month: 


Dr Peter McCombe
Dr Stephen Yang
Dr Dennis Hartig


Hospital details

The Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital is a 986 bed general, tertiary referral teaching hospital with a number of specialities including medicine, surgery,  orthopaedics, neurosurgery, psychiatry, oncology and trauma services. Women's and Newborn Services provide comprehensive care of obstetric, gynaecological and neonatal intensive care on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Austin Hospital Melbourne
Accredited: : 


12 months
Start month: 

Hospital details

The Austin Hospital is located in Heidelberg, 20 minutes north-east of Melbourne's city centre. The new hospital building was re-opened in 2005 after a major redevelopment. It is housed in one of two new hospital towers, the other tower occupied by Mercy Hospital for Women.

The redeveloped Austin Tower now features:

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Princess Alexandra Hospital Brisbane
12 months




Dr Richard Williams

Other supervisors

Dr Geoffrey Noel Askin, MBBS, FRACS, FAOrthoA

Dr Rob Labrom MBBS, MSc Surgery, FRACS (Orth), FAOrthA